Requiem for the Great Record Shops

Ok, there were some great ones. My sister and I used to haunt this music store in Fairview Mall, Point Claire (Bobient, Bonsier and something?)….

Then when we got older we’d go downtown Montreal and slum St Catherines down by Place des Arts (there were some good ones down there in sleazy basements).

Fairview circa the 60s

Phantasmagoria, Theresa introduced me to that too; it was the first record store I recall where they had earphones to listen to the music (I bought Thomas Dolby, Europa and the Pirate Twins there… and a lot of King Crimson).

The Alexis Neon Plaza had some (among the head shops). Though ANP always made me sick to my stomach.

Later, there was a great used record store in Saint John, NB down on Germaine Street. I bought used copies of Iggy Pop, The Idiot and 801 Live there.

Tell me yours…


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