Silent Sam

Sam The Record Man on Toronto’s Younge Street is no more. After 70 years of business the shop is calling it quits June 30th.

This was a haunt of mine in college. I loved walking on the creaky-wooden floors. I remember buying all my records here. In the heady New-Wave era this is where I bought Echo and the Bunnymen, Peter Gabriel, XTC.

They had a great classical section and I’d buy all my Glenn Gould stuff there as well.

Just up the street from the Eaton’s Centre, this was usually one of the first stops you’d make on your first trip to Toronto.

This is a one-two punch as the Tower record store on Sunset Strip in LA recently announced it was closing (where I got Elton John and Bernnie Taupin to sign me a copy of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road). Buy-buy record retailer, hello Itunes.

Oh well, at least Montreal still has Phantasmagoria, right?


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