Canadians Don’t care for Sicko

That being Michael Moore’s loving bitch-slap on American health care, in which he compares the American nightmare with what’s going on north of the border with his unique brand of parsimony.

I put the question to you… Any Canadians out there satisfied with their health care system?

Moore should have done his homework (that’s like asking O’Reilly to bone up on facts)… he would have found there are a lot more Torontonians running to Detroit for surgery than the other way around…

But then Moore’s always had his head up his ass with Toronto. Remember in Bowling for Columbine when he checked the doors in T.O.’s west end to see if they were locked? Ya, when I was a student in Toronto I never would have locked my doors, anyone living in GTO feeling that warm and fuzzy now?

Moore needs to bone up on what we call “cultural transmission” and see what a nightmare Toronto’s turned into, indeed how the whole social welfare system in all of Canada has collapsed.

I’d sooner live in Flint.


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