M. Dupuis and members of the Quebec Liberal Cabinet:

I call your attention to the matter of Candace Derksen and the solving of her 23-year-old cold case in Winnipeg. I ask, why is it that six of the largest cities in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and since 2006, Winnipeg) have special cold case bureaus, while Montreal / Quebec (the number 2 city in Canada) does not have a special team to clear up the back log of unsolved murders in their province?

As you will see from the following petition I have collected over 200 signatures urging Quebec to form a unique cold case squad:



And as you can see from the attached correspondence (below ) it has been over 11 months, and still your representatives are taken your representatives are unresponsive to these requests?

What possible reason can you give for being so unresponsive to the people that elect you as the representatives for public security?

I ask that you (or anyone from your government) please respond to these requests, to demonstrate that you take seriously the needs of victims in the province of Quebec.

If you continue to stonewall, we, the victims of the province of Quebec, are only left to believe you do not care to address matters of government that deeply affect matters of our hearts.


John Allore


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