I should just let it go, right?

From the Winnepeg Sun:

DNA leads to arrest in 23-year-old cold case

“Officers involved in a lengthy and comprehensive investigation into the death of Candace Derksen, dubbed Project Angel, received the break they were seeking thanks to advancements in forensic sciences, police said yesterday.

After the newly-formed cold case unit took over the file in 2006, it submitted Mark Edward Grant’s DNA, along with samples from other persons of interest, to a private lab in Ontario.

Police said Grant’s sample matched DNA recovered at the crime scene. That was coupled with a discovery during a case review.

Without divulging specifics, Insp. Tom Legge said his officers focused on two sentences in a report written in 1985 and connected that information to a report written years later, leading to the identification of a suspect.

Police would not confirm what recovered sample matched Grant’s DNA, but in the years following the murder cops said strands of hair, dark in colour and bleached at one time, were found in the shed where Derksen died.


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