Highway of Tears

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Why is the National media covering last week’s search along the B.C. Highway of Tears like this:

Highway of Tears search fruitless

Massive search fails to find clues in woman’s disappearance

No clues in hunt for woman

Search for hitchhiker comes up empty

When local news discovered that, yes in fact valuable evidence was recovered:

Clothes found, Hwy of Tears link probed

It gets better. The clothing – which included,

– a backpack,
– a pair of women’s jeans,
– some black lingerie ,
– two piles of clothing visibly matted into the forest floor

was found by a couple out on a hike. They reported the finding to the Hazelton RCMP. Two weeks later the couple is walking in the same area…

the clothes are still there!

Frustrated, they turn the matter over to a local reporter and Ray Michalko, a Surrey-based private investigator and former RCMP detective who is investigating the Highway of Tears disappearances (once again, DIY Justice), who themselves recover the items.

Sgt. Tod Scott of the Hazelton RCMP said officers tried to recover the items but were unable to find the area, or contact the couple who gave the tip. “We’ll certainly make the [Highway of Tears] Task Force aware of [the discovery],” Scott said.

Ya, thanks, keep up that good work, but I’m pretty sure they’ve heard by now.


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