CSIS goes on hiring blitz, recruits 100 new officers from pool of 14,000

I hate to second guess Canadian intelligence, but wasn’t the time to go on a hiring spree 5-6 years ago?… before anyone made plans to lob-off the Prime Minister’s head?

Still, I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from applying. So take the CSIS security clearance challenge!

Question: Is rapid career advancement important to you?

A promotion now and then would be nice, yes.

Oh sorry, wrong answer. At CSIS you’ll grow moss in that cubical before we ever move you up the chain.

Question: Are you ready to work in different cities across Canada?

Ummm… is Cornerbrook considered a city?

Sorry, wrong answer. Our intelligence officers are available 24 / 7 to meet the Canadian security challenge; whether that threat takes them to Sarnia border patrol or watching polar ice flows in Nunavut.

Oh well, there’s an opening for a CSIS occupational health nurse, maybe I cut my loses and go for that.


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