I love this guy…

…Sgt. Roger Plamondon of the Sooke Harbour RCMP. I write one complaint email and within 8 hours he’s phoned my home, cell phone and sent me emails.

Yes, I feel like an ass taking up Sgt. Plamondon’s time. I only wish other RCMP were equally responsive when I asked them more important questions about evidence retention and victims rights.

Carry on…


Good afternoon Mr. Allore,

This will confirm receipt of your email message dated the 4th of May, 2007. I had hoped to speak to you personally. Messages were left on your home telephone and your two cells phones.

As the detachment commander of the Sooke RCMP, I appreciate the opportunity to respond to community concerns. I have had an opportunity to review the contents of your message, and wish to offer the following for your clarification.

Cpl. Ray Champagne is no longer a member of the RCMP. He retired several years ago from the organization and he no longer resides in this community. As such, he is not an employee of our organization.

The second part of the message makes reference to the “Sooke Harbour RCMP”. There is a Sooke RCMP detachment, and it is located in the southern part of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Had the author been Cpl. Champagne, he certainly would not have used “Sooke Harbour” in the text of his message, as it has been known as “Sooke” detachment since a least 1942.

I hope that this information is useful to you. Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact our office in any manner preferable to you. Please be assured of our continued esteem in all matters of mutual interest and concern.


Roger Plamondon, S/Sgt.
PO Box 40
Sooke Detachment
V0S 1N0
(250) 642-5241
(250) 642-3247 (fax)


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