Wednesday, May 3, 1979

On Wednesday, May 3rd, Constable Lessard returns the calls made to Inspector Gaudreault by Mr. Allore. Lessard apologizes for Gaudreault not having returned the call himself. He explains the investigator is very busy working hard on the case. Lessard advises Mr. Allore not to lose hope, the autopsy report is not finished and there are further chemical tests to perform. Unknown to Mr. Allore, the autopsy report is finished; there will be no further tests.

Lessard tells Mr. Allore that he and Gaudreault have worked hard, interviewing students, and residents of the Compton village. Lessard does not tell him that these are the only people they have interviewed. The investigators will never speak with the Champlain faculty or staff, they will never question students on the Lennoxville campus, they will never talk to the staff at Dewhurst Dining hall, nor the owners of the Lion pub, nor anyone working at the Bishop’s library the night Theresa Allore disappeared.

Mr. Allore asks the investigators to check into the background of a student, xxx xxxxxxx. Check the reasons he was dismissed from Vanier College. Were they drug related? Check where xxx xxxxxxx was the weekend of November 3rd, and why he disappeared from Compton the first week of Chief Hamel’s investigation. Lessard assures Mr. Allore that they will look into these matters.

He does not tell Mr. Allore that xxx xxxxxxx has already been interviewed and will not be questioned again. In fact, less than three weeks since she was pulled from the water, the investigation into the death of Theresa Allore has come to and end.


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