A reader writes:

“I read all your stuff.

From the way you are telling the police to do the research themselves , I can conclude that you are one of those individual who wants to take from everybody. You should get a life.

Ray Champagne”

Ray Champagne? You wouldn’t by chance be RCMP Cpl. Ray Champagne from Sooke Harbour, British Columbia?

Well, I’m guessing you never ready, “my stuff”, but one post which you took personally.

I’ll tell you what Cpl. Champagne, this proves in 5 minutes of my spare time I am more adept at tracking your ass down than any RCMP officer.

And you think I hold the RCMP in contempt? You don’t wanna hear my comments about B.C. RCMP and the misery they’ve put victims through over the years.

Now how ’bout I make a complaint to your commanding officer telling him that you should get a life, get back to work, and stop surfing the net on the taxpayers’ nickel.


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