More On Expo 67

A reader is correct, the Expo theme music was not Bob Gimby’s Ca-Na-Da, but “Un Jour, un jour” by Michele Richard:

This song about Ontario was impossible to erase from your mind, it played constantly:

A great clip on Quebec’s Quiet Revolution and De Gaulle’s faux-pas at the 67 Expo: “Vive Montréal… Vive le Québec …Vive le Québec Libre!”, the French went nuts”:

This clip has the entire Gimby song followed by a heartbreaking report of what became of Man-and-his-World:

FYI: The “Science and Technology Centre” was not to be, instead it became a casino.

In later years fire destroyed the beautiful Ameican pavilion:

Finally, a nice little “Canadian Fact” about the constrution of Ile Notre Dame:

The project cost millions, and was a success for Mayor Drapeau. This would not be the case 9 years later with the Summer Olympics.


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