Expo 67

On the 40th anniversary of the Montreal world’s fair of 1967 the Gazette has asked for reminiscences. Wow… there’s so much I remember and I was only 3-years-old at the time. I think Expo must have been some of my first memories.

I still have an Official Guide from the event (it cost $1.00 at the time) and it includes many interesting bromides. For instance,

“Montreal is the banking and the financial center of Canada. It is the headquarters for two of the country’s three principal banks and the country’s most important insurance company. Here also are based some of the most important organizations engaged in exploiting Canada’s natural resources.”

Enjoy it while you can! Oh well…

My father was an engineer on the assembly of many of the pavilions, including the German, French and Japanese buildings, and Habitat. This garnered him a free pass for the duration of the fair.

We went many times as a family. I remember vague things; pulling into the American pavilion on the monorail, watching the fireworks at night, eating some Jamaican-flavored food (meat on a stick).

Expo guide with a small vinyl bag my mother bought for me

Mostly it was my father who went. While my mother stayed at home watching me and my brother, Dad took Theresa (then 8) to enjoy the evening festivities.

I know that feeling. My eldest daughter has an adventurous spirit. It is always wonderful to go on an outing with her. How that must have been with Theresa at the helm. She made every moment a party.

Expo 67 commenced 40 years ago today, April 28th, 1967, and ended four months later, October 27th, 1967.

What are your memories?


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