April 23, 1979

On Monday, April 23rd, the results of the dental analysis prove without a doubt that the body found in the pond near Compton is that of Theresa Allore. As the week commences, Detective Gaudreault and Constable Lessard continue their investigation. By now, Gaudreault has formed the opinion that this is not a sex crime. Also, Gaudreault releases a statement to the French media that a former hypothesis that the girl committed suicide has been rejected.

Slowly Gaudreault begins to embrace the theory of a drug overdose. Clearly, he thinks, given the lifestyle at Compton – and the girl’s history – drugs are the cause of this death. And somehow students are involved. Over the course of four days, from Monday, April 23th through Thursday, April 26th, Gaudreault and Lessard interview over 90 students living at King’s Hall, Compton. The interrogations lead nowhere. Gaudreault and Lessard do not find a smoking gun. The information gained is a litany of rumors, half-truths and innuendo:

I went to her room to see if her Chemistry homework was done, she wasn’t there.

Theresa would hitchhike from Compton to Lennoxville. I never heard anything special about her disappearance, I know nothing else.

I was her roommate, I saw her smoke pot once.

She usually worked in the library until late.

Occasionally she took drugs, she did not take chemicals.

I was in my room with Dave Vick and Brian Condon, we had some beer and acid.

I know nothing.

She hitchhiked.

I knew her by sight.

I heard it said that she had gone to the States.

I didn’t know her.

I knew her a little bit.

I know she was hitchhiking often.

I own a gray 1978 Omni.

I was at my home that weekend.

I don’t know her.

I know nothing.

She was in my class, I heard she was in the States.

I heard she was in the States, I heard it more than once.

I saw her that Friday night going in the kitchen.

I own a car, a Ford Torino.

I never saw her hitchhiking.

I knew Theresa well.

I never heard a story about students on drugs that Friday night.

I knew her brother, I didn’t know her.

I heard that she went out West to meet her boyfriend.

I don’t own a car.

I was away that weekend. I don’t own a car.

I never knew the girl.

She hitchhiked.

I don’t hitchhike.

I hitchhike only with my boyfriend.

I have never hitchhiked from Lennoxville to Compton.

She never was into drugs.

She hitchhiked alone.

I hitchhiked, I had no problems.

I hitchhiked, but I was never bothered.

To my knowledge she didn’t use dope.

I heard she was in Florida.

I own a car, but it’s at home.

I met her at a Halloween dance.

I would see her in the library.

I own a green 1974 Ford Thunderbird.

Some students use drugs sometimes.

I don’t know.

I knew her a little.

I didn’t know her at all.

I knew her fairly well, she wasn’t the type to be on dope.

I remember two boys said to me that they wouldn’t be surprised when the snow went away if she was in the bushes somewhere.


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