Friday, November 20th, 1979

“This morning around 8:10 or 8:15 I left my house and got on my tractor and headed toward Lennoxville near route 143. About 400 feet from my house I saw an object just to the side of the road. I got of the tractor and traveled on foot to see what the object was. At that moment I could see that it was a wallet. I took it in my hands to see if there was an identification card inside. When I saw the first piece of id, I saw the name, Theresa Allore. I got on my tractor and returned to my house.”

Signature of person making declaration: M. V.

Declared before me at RR #2, Lennox this 20 day of Apvril 19 79

Witness: Guy Lessard


The wallet was found on Chemin MacDonald, a back road on the outskirts of Sherbrooke, approximately one mile from Lennoxville and ten miles from the site where the body was found. It contained a photo id card of Theresa Allore, a library card bearing her name, and some papers. The wallet was given to investigators Gauldreault and Lessard by the farmer, M. V.

On the evening of Friday, April 20th, Campus Director William Matson meets with the Board of Governors of Champlain College. Present are members from Champlain-St. Lambert and Champlain-Longueuil, The Director General, Jean Marie Bergman, and six representatives from Champlain-Lennoxville, including student representatives Judy Bartok and Charles Campbell, a parent representative, and Faculty members Jim Napier and Pierre Sallenave.

Dr. Matson thanks the membership for welcoming him back after his spleen operation. In his report he notifies the Board that he is pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Jeanne Eddisford to the Professional Staff as Coordinator of Student Housing Services. He informs the Board that Miss Eddisford previously served as the Acting Director of Residence for Compton, after the previous director resigned in January.

Matson also informs the Board that the construction of the new 315-bed residence is proceeding well, and that the buildings will be ready for occupancy well before the start of classes next Fall. Matson points out that the demand for rooms is high, with over 750 requests for applications having been received to occupy the 315 spaces. Shortly after 10:00 pm the meeting adjourns. The subject of Theresa Allore’s death is never mentioned.


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