Jeanne Eddisford

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 18th, the Acting Director of Residence for King’s Hall, Jeanne Eddisford, is brought in for questioning. She states that Theresa Allore was a good student, always happy, very intelligent. She mentions that on occasion, students would come to her with confidential matters, but in the matter of Theresa Allore, no one came forward. In her closing remarks, Eddisford flatly states that there has never been a drug problem at Champlain College.

That same afternoon a reporter with the Sherbrooke Record tries to get a statement from Eddisford, but Eddisford refuses to comment on the matter. When asked if the School anticipates making any changes to the scant, 10-a-day shuttle bus service operating between King’s Hall and the Champlain campus, Eddisford replies that no changes are necessary.

In a later article, Bill Matson comments that, “The details of the crime are irrelevant. Theresa’s loss will undoubtedly be mourned by those who knew and will remember her, and by those who are only witnesses to this tragedy.”


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