“The pathologist, because of the state of decomposition, was unable to determine the cause of death. On first glance, there was no sign of bullet holes or physical violence. But more analysis will permit us to make a complete and detailed connection.”

Roch Gaudreault
La Tribune, April 17th, 1979

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 17th, Caroline Greenwood and Jo Anne Laurie are brought to the Lennoxville police station to be interviewed by the Surete Du Quebec. Greenwood is questioned first. She repeats the same information she had given to Hamel five months earlier – Theresa was her friend, she last saw Theresa on Friday November 3rd at noon, Theresa declined an invitation to join Greenwood for the weekend in Hemmingford. Greenwood makes no mention of the six days that passed before she decided to report Theresa’s disappearance, nor do Gaudreault and Lessard question her about this fact.

Gaudreault asks about Theresa’s drug use. Greenwood states that Theresa had tried marijuana and hashish. When pressed, Greenwood states that she had no knowledge of Theresa using cocaine, though it could have been a possibility. Greenwood is asked to summarize her statement in written form. The statement is signed by Greenwood and witnessed by Constable Lessard.

Jo Anne Laurie is brought in for questioning. Laurie repeats much of the same information given by Greenwood. When asked of Theresa’s drug use, she flatly denies Theresa used drugs. She states that Theresa “got high on life and liked reality better than being stoned”. She states Theresa hitchhiked, but not unnecessarily. Laurie does not comment on her failure to report Theresa missing for over six days. The statement is signed, and witnessed by Constable Lessard.


“The Champlain Regional College community is deeply saddened by the death of Theresa Allore. College officials will cooperate fully with police authorities in their investigation of this tragic event.

To enable our students to recover from this traumatic episode in their lives, the College respectfully requests members of the media to exercise discretion and good judgment in their overall conduct in reporting this incident.”

William Matson
April 17th, 1979


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