On Monday, April 16th, Detective Roch Gaudreault and Constable Guy Lessard begin their investigation into the death of Theresa Allore. They begin by canvassing the residence of the village of Compton. They go door to door asking people if they remember seeing anything suspicious on the night of Friday, November 3rd, 1978. No one can recall seeing anything suspicious. The date is five months in the past. It is hard to remember. They question the owner and occupants of a local bar, Entre Deux, a hangout for the local students at King’s Hall. They too, do not recall anything specific about the night of November 3rd. They track down the bus driver who was on duty the night of Friday November 3rd and show him Theresa Allore’s picture. He does not recall seeing the girl on the bus from Lennoxville to Compton – not on the 6:15 bus, nor on the last bus at 11:30 pm. Gaudreault and Lessard review the statements of Andre Allore, Josie Stepenhorst, Jo Anne Laurie and Caroline Greenwood given to Lennoxville Police Chief Leo Hamel over five months ago. They decide to re-interview Laurie and Greenwood.


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