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Hi John,

this is going to sound stupid, but I am living out in LA and I>am a working actor…..I also in my spare time have applied to be a>police officer in several departments……This is going to sound>stupid, but I have a gift, i can’t explain it…i just am able to figure>things out sometimes. i briefly read your article about your sister and>i was wondering…..was there anything religous involved with her>death…be it at the schene or in her life. If so, with your permission,>i was wondering if you would email me a brief sypnosis of what>heppened…I might be able to help. If not, you will be no worse of with>your inquiry then you are today.>>i’m not an investigator, however I have a unique way of seeing and>observing things and I also am able to decifer between fake things and>evidence. While working and trying to start an acting career I have from>personal family incidents become very interested in helping to solve>cold cases and may be involved in that type of work in the next few>years. Perhaps when there is a new administration in our country.>>I don’t want to pry into your family tragedy, i just thought I might be>able to help.

>>Regards,>Ryan O’Neil>>– >

Ryan O’Neil>



No offense, but I get all kinds of these inquiries, and a lot of them are from people who wish to make a name for themselves. Or they want to help, but can’t really help.

So here’s the deal: show me a case in the past where you were able to help, where you were able to bring some end to a cold case.

Then maybe we can dance. Fair enough?

Thanks you for your interest,

John A


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