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I snuck in a proposal at the bell for the American Society of Criminology’s November conference in Atlanta:

Category Subcategory: Victimization (XVI), Victim-Related Programs and Policies (66)

Title: Criminal Investigative Failures:
Victims, Law Enforcement and Do-It-Yourself Justice


This paper takes the form of personal ethnography. My sister, Theresa Allore disappeared from the campus of a small liberal arts college in the southeastern region of Quebec, Canada on Friday, November 3rd, 1978. Five months later her body was found by the side of the road less than a mile from the student residence where she lived. Though a medical-legal cause of death was never determined, it is probable that Theresa had been strangled.

Though police at the time dismissed Theresa’s death as a drug / suicide, current examination of the case has revealed that she was the victim of a serial sexual predator who has possibly been active in the Quebec region for the past 28 years.

This presentation examines the role of the victim as criminal investigator, when families lose faith in the investigative abilities of police agencies. The presentation is from the publication, Criminal Investigative Failures, currently in press with Taylor & Francis,
K. D. Rossmo (Ed.), Oxford, UK.

Author: John Allore

affiliation/addresses: Graduate student / Justice Administration
North Carolina State.University


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