10 Questions for Holly Desimone

On December 14, 1990 Holly Desimone’s life changed forever when she was raped by Ali Rasai in her Red Deer, Alberta home.

What happened next could fill a book. Suffice it to say that Rasai was eventually caught and served time, but the road to that outcome was long and would not have come about without Holly’s persistence. (you may read a full account here)

Holly was the first rape victim in North America to go public about her experience. Holly is dogged; her work in grassroots advocacy has bettered the plight of victims in Canada.

Holly’s case helped change Canada’s Immigration Act. Would-be immigrants like Rasai can now be turned away if officials believe they committed a crime outside Canada punishable here by a jail term of ten years or more.

Holly keeps a blog, Holly’s Fight for Justice. On it you will find ALL things related to crime (As I said, Holly is persistent). In May, Holly will present during Alberta’s Crime Prevention Week.

Here are 10 questions for Holly Desimone:

1. Last year was:

Like a wind through the trees

2. New Year’s resolution?

Glad to be alive and surviving

To de-stress I:

Read books and listen to music

4. Current music I am enjoying:


5. Last great book read:

Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival by Anderson Cooper

6. Last great film / tv show:

The Blues Brothers

7. I find the Canadian criminal justice system to be…

Very confusing – for victims of crimes, inconsistence with sentencing, needs to be overhaul, example in the largest criminal case in Canadian History [Pickton] we do not have the resources for a jury to be picked and sit for a year or longer.

8. I am inspired by:

Many grassroots advocates, like yourself John [thanks H.D.]

9. I would love to visit:

Middle East

10. Anywhere else in Canada you would like to live?

Montreal… to see Pierre and his family.


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