10 Questions for Art Lepp

Six years ago Art Lepp’s daughter was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. With her barely three-year-old son watching, Stephen Treller strangled 20-year-old Cory Lepp in their home in Winnipeg.

Art Lepp endured through his great faith in God. Art has been instrumental in the establishment of several victim initiatives including the broadening of domestic violence laws in Manitoba, such as the enforcement of restraining orders against daters in the province. Art is also a man with a great heart. When he learned of a young woman who’s father refused to show up at her wedding, Art stepped up to the plate,

“I never had the chance to walk (Cory) down the aisle… I thought I might be able to help her, and told her if need be, I could walk her down the aisle myself.”

Here are Art’s responses to ten questions:

1. Last year was:

a) like quicksand
b) like a maze
c) like a wind through the trees.


2. New Year’s resolution?


3. To de-stress I:


4. Current music I am enjoying:

50-60’s rock & roll

5. Last great book read:

A Doctor’s Calling

6. Last great film / tv show:

March of the Penguins

7. I find the Canadian criminal justice system to be …


8. I am inspired by:

Church Elders

9. I would love to visit:


10. Anywhere else in Canada you would like to live?



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