Oh Yeah! Had my first class on Monday:

theories of deviant behavior

spring 2007
Professor: Stacy De Coster
Office: 106 Harrelson Hall, Ph # 513-2554
E-mail: smdecost@sa,ncsu.edu
Office Hours: T 2:00-3:00

Classroom: G108 Caldwell
Class time: M 6:00-8:45 pm

course description

This seminar will provide an introduction to the major criminological theories. We will
trace the origins of criminological theories during the twentieth century, examining the
underlying assumptions of each theory, its major contributions to criminology,
important empirical findings generated by research on the theory, and debates about
the theory. We also will evaluate some recent theoretical developments in criminology,
focusing on the extent to which they move us beyond the traditional perspectives.
Throughout, we will be especially concerned with the following issues: 1) the evolution
of central concepts in criminology over time; 2) the unique contributions of each theory
to our understanding of crime; 3) the relationships among theoretical concepts; and 4)
the operationalization of theoretical concepts in empirical research and the assessment
of research findings.


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