10 Questions for Carolyn Gardner

On July 2, 1981 Ralph Power beat Sheryl Gardner to death with a hammer in her Toronto apartment. Power was out of jail for “good behavior” after serving 8 years of a 10 year sentence. Now back in Prison, Sheryl’s sister, Carolyn has spent much of the ensuing years taking on Canada’s faulty parole system to ensure Power will never be released again. Carolyn lobbies for a tougher justice system including stricter parole requirements and the broadening of provisions under Bill C- 13, Canada’s DNA databank laws.

1. Last year was:

B like a maze (but I found the treasures)

2. New Year’s resolution?

This is my year for yoga!

3. To de-stress I:


4. Current music I am enjoying:

I like so many different types of music – James Blunt and Mad Violet are pretty high on my play list though!

5. Last great book read:

I love all James Patterson’s books – currently reading and almost finished “Cross” – it’s great!

6. Last great film / tv show:

Ironically, Prison Break and Criminal Minds are two of the greatest TV shows in my world. Can’t tell you the last time I went to the movies!

7. I find the Canadian criminal justice system to be…

a work in progress and with much room for improvement.

8. I am inspired by:

Positive attitudes

9. I would love to visit:


10. Anywhere else in Canada you would like to live?

Not really. With cottage country just a skip away, I have everything I need right here in Ottawa.


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