10 Questions for Pierre Hugues Boisvenu

In Canadian victimology, Pierre Hugues Boisvenu has the unfortunate distinction of having been touched by deep tragedy twice. In 2002 his daughter, Julie was murdered in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Three years later his only other daughter was killed in a car accident on her way to visit relatives in Abitibi, Quebec.

The loss of two children in three years could crush the best of us, but Pierre Hugues is an exceptional human being. In 2004 he founded AFPAD, a Quebec association that works for the benefit of Quebec families of murdered or missing children. Kind, well-spoken, resilient; Pierre struggles for the rights of Quebec victims and has become one of the most powerful lobbyist in the province working on their behalf.

Here are 10 questions for Pierre-Hugues:

1. Last year was:

c) like a wind through the trees

2. New Year’s resolution?

Be the same with the families and the gouverment…Keep the pressure.

3. To de-stress I:

travel and see my friends.

4. Current music I am enjoying:

Rod Stewart and Dan Bigras.

>5. Last great book read:

Martin..In the name of all mines (note: if someone can tell me what this is, I’d love to know)

6. Last great film / tv show:

(none given)

7. I find the Canadian criminal justice system to be…

more responsive and easygoing for criminals

8. I am inspired by:

All families that have same experience then us

9. I would love to visit:

The world

10. Anywhere else in Canada you would like to live?


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