Go to trial in La Belle Province and thank the Lord for a Quebec judge

That must be the thoughts of former priest Daniel Pichette who managed just 21 months for a lifetime of diddling young Quebec children. Judge Michel Beauchemin called it “the most troubling case” of his career.

Call him junior.

And how about Frederic Dompierre… a paltry three years for sexual assaults on three Tween girls, and no additional time for assaults on an additional three girls.

Dompierre’s not your ho-hum pervert. This is the guy who beat a girl silly, trying to smash her head in with a rock. She escaped by plunging into the winter waters of the St. Lawrence and swimming out to an island..

Glad to see Quebec’s got this justice thing all figured out.

While the bad guys thank their luck stars, pray you never have to go to trial.


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