Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Based on the above auto composites of 15 suspects who have committed dozens of crimes in all areas of Quebec over the last several years we’re left to conclude:

a) Those Quebecois youth, they really like their Eminem.

b) Marshall Mathers is a criminal mastermind, able to cover the four corners of the Quebec province while maintaining a successful film and music career.

c) The Surete du Quebec needs to find a new “expert” in computer composite photo generation.

Some of my other favorites:

I call this one Burka Dude:

This looks like my friend Aidan:

Clearly Roy Dupuis’ been doing some moonlighting (congrats on the Genie nomination):

“Beauty Sleep” Guy: You gotta look close to appreciate him, he has “une barbichette et une moustache genre Hitler.”


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