10 Questions for Doreen Drummond

Doreen Drummond lost her daughter Kelly Ann when she was murdered by her boyfriend in 2004 in Montreal. Doreen has since become an outspoken advocate for families touched by violence in the Quebec region. She is the regional coordinator for the Murdered and Missing Persons’ Families Association . In December Doreen presented at the White Tiger Girls Conference.

Doreen with the Drumond cup, which honors Kelly Ann’s memory at Concordia University

1. Last year was:

a) like quicksand
b) like a maze
c) like a wind through the trees

2. New Year’s resolution?

to work towards a new career

3. To de-stress I:

rest, do nothing and watch a humerous movie

4. Current music I am enjoying:


5. Last great book read:

The Question behind the Question

6. Last great film / tv show:


7. I find the Canadian criminal justice system to be…

a joke !

8. I am inspired by:

my daughter Kim and the legacy which Kelly-Anne has left me with

>>9. I would love to visit:


10. Anywhere else in Canada you would like to live?


(next up: Pierre Hugues Boisvenu)


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