Viscious, Cruel, Inhuman

Find Johnia Berry’s Killer is a site much like Who Killed Theresa? A family member is murdered, the case goes cold, the police are not much help, the family takes matters into their own hands.

Johnia died in Tennessee in 2004. It’s very fresh. It’s been 28 years and I still have problems dealing with Theresa: Imagine the Berry’s.

But never in my life have I received anything like the following message someone sent to Johnia’s mother:

“Get over it she is dead. Maybe her pimp killed her because she did not give him his cut. I am sick and tired of seeing her face all over the place. If they were going to find who did it that would have by now. Maybe you should see if OJ can help look for the killer. Or maybe see if Joran Vandersloot was out partying with her. Hell maybe there is a snuff film with her in it somewhere.”

Wow. Someone hates themselves a whole lot, and does not understand the trauma they have inflicted. Astonishing.


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