December 4th, 1978

On December 4th Bob Beullac phoned my father to give him a full report of what he had discovered in the week since his investigation began. Beullac is the first to notice that Theresa’s hiking boots – boots that she always wears whenever she is traveling – are still in her room in Gillard House. The information is significant. It establishes that Theresa Allore went missing on a cold November night sockless in Chinese slippers. It is the first definite indication that Theresa is probably not a run away.

Beullac also reveals that drugs are the main problem at Compton. In Beullac’s opinion, Theresa’s friends at Compton are “pot-heads”. Their stories don’t add up. How could the girls fail to report Theresa missing for nearly a week? They aren’t telling the truth, he says. In addition Beullac believes that one of the girls’ boyfriend, Ian Catterill is a “pusher”. He has discovered that Catterill got tossed out of Vanier – another college located in Montreal – for dealing drugs. Catterill is currently on probation at Lennoxville. In Beullac’s opinion, Catterill is supplying drugs to the Compton residents.

More bad news. Beullac informs my father that Theresa also did drugs. What’s more, students say she did drugs with Ian Catterill. Students have told Beullac that Theresa tried pot, hash, speed and mescaline. Beullac is curious to know why Ian Catterill went home for a week after it was discovered that Theresa was missing. Catterill also claims to have been in Vermont on November 3rd and 4th – the weekend when Theresa first went missing. Beullac ends his telephone conversation by talking about Sharon Buzzee. Beullac believes that Sharon Buzzee is not messed up on drugs. Buzzee was sure of what she saw on the night of November 3rd. Beullac thinks that Sharon Buzzee is telling the truth.

On the afternoon of December 4th, my father calls Dr. Matson. He tells Matson about Sharon Buzzee. Matson suggests that it might be a case of mistaken identity – she probably talked to someone else on the stairs. My father then calls Chief Hamel. Hamel is surprised to hear the news about Sharon Buzzee. He wants to check it out. He thinks maybe she has the time confused. She probably saw Theresa on the staircase the week before she disappeared. Hamel states that he will meet with Dr. Matson in the morning to assess the progress of the investigation.


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