Monday, November 27th, 1978

On November 27th, Mr. Allore contacts The Metropol Bureau of Investigation based in Montreal and specifically requests the services of Detective Robert Beullac. Beullac will be paid $18 an hour. He will be reimbursed $0.35 per mile. He will be hired to locate Theresa Allore, missing since November 3rd, 1978.

Mr. Allore reads about Metropol Investigation Bureau in the Fall edition of the McGill alumni magazine. The firm is run by two McGill graduates. In the article there is a picture of its two co-founders, Joel Hartt and Robert Beullac. Hartt looks like an egghead; it is Beullac that cuts an impression. Beullac wears pin stripped shirts. Beullac sports loud, flashy ties. Beullac holsters a bullet-studded gun belt. He stands 6-feet 5-inches and carries a big gun. Says Beullac,

“Metropol hires few former policemen. Policemen have been taught to obey orders and follow procedures, which is fine in a paramilitary organization like a police force. But in our field, agents are pretty well let loose on a case. We give them support, but they need to be resourceful and confident, and be able to organize their work and follow through on leads. This is something most policemen have not been taught to do.”

Joel Hartt and Robert Beullac – 1978

On November 27th, 1978 Robert Beullac begins work on the disappearance of Theresa Allore. Bob Beullac doesn’t follow procedures. He shows up on the Champlain campus unannounced. He interviews students. He browbeats and bullies the administration. He shows up in the middle of classes, and intimidates the teachers and faculty. He calls up Jeanne Eddisford at all hours of the day and night. Beullac disrupts Matson’s chain of command. Beullac is a cowboy. Beullac answers to no one.

Sharon Buzzee can’t understand why the investigation hasn’t shifted to King’s Hall. She has told Jeanne Eddisford about the sighting on the staircase, but no one has checked out the Compton residence. Buzzee confides the matter to Josie Stepenhorst. Stepenhorst encourages her to talk with this new guy, the private detective. Maybe he will take an interest in Buzzee’s story. Buzzee approaches Beullac. She tells him that she saw Theresa Allore at 9:00 pm on the night of November 3rd, not in Lennoxville, but in Compton.

Beullac immediately shifts his focus to the Compton residence. He can’t understand why a search hasn’t been conducted. Three weeks have passed, neither the police nor the school have bothered to search anywhere. To make matters worse, twenty inches of snow have fallen in the previous five days. There was a two-week window in which to search undeterred. Now that opportunity has passed. Beullac organizes a search party. Two teams search the grounds and surrounding roadways of Compton. The external search is difficult given the amount of snow on the ground. The teams conduct a thorough physical search of both the King’s Hall and Gillard house residences. Somehow they miss the third floor of King’s Hall. They miss searching the room inhabited by Stewart Peacock. For the length of his investigation Bob Beullac will never meet up with Stewart Peacock.

The search parties come up empty. They are not able to produce any clues as to the whereabouts of Theresa Allore. Their search does offer them a glimpse into the social environment at Compton – one that was rapidly spinning out of control. Compton is one big non-stop party. Beullac discovers, that the place is entirely run by the students. There’s no structure, no supervision. In some ways it is not unlike the living conditions at any number of colleges and universities; but the isolation from the main campus, and the total lack of authority has made the situation much worse. There are tales of all night parties, orgies, and gang rapes. Gillard house is like a Turkish opium den. There is not a single adult living in the building to supervise its’ one-hundred and forty residents. Drug running is rampant. It is alleged that some of the drugs are being purchased for the teachers at Lennoxville. When the product’s inferior, students are selling the drugs to the local high schools students at Lennoxville’s Alexander Galt High. Beullac does pick up on one piece of information valuable to the Allore investigation. On the night of November 3rd, there was an “acid party” in the Gilliard dormitory. Beullac prepares to interview the students who were involved.


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