A Word About Sources

For those of you following along with the events from 1978 – and I understand there are a lot of you, from police to politicians, Township locals, friends and the not so friendly – we’re going to take a break in the story until about after Thanksgiving. That’s because nothing really happened for a week. My parents returned to the Maritimes. I imagine they were stunned by what the encountered in Lennoxville, and took some time to re-assess the situation.

A word about sources. Nothing is embellished here. I haven’t put words or ideas in anyone’s mouths or heads. Everything is taken from police records, school records – including meeting minutes, newspaper accounts at the time, and my father’s notes – which are meticulous. If someone’s actions are deemed to have been brainless – or worse, heartless – they’ve only themselves to blame.

In retrospect we’d have all done things differently.



A reader asks that I add something. In her words:

For those of you who were involved in the original investigation of Theresa’s disappearance, and have feelings of regret on how her case was handled, you have a chance now to step up and be a hero. Perhaps you have information that was never revealed to police/the Allores… or maybe you can put a few issues to rest for the Allore family. Please come forward. It’s never too late to right a wrong or make a difference. Do it anonymously if you have to. (There is no doubt in my mind that John can be trusted with whatever information you’re willing to share.)

And I will add that this is a good idea. From experience, people don’t come forward unless directly asked to do so. Sometimes they feel that what they know is in’t significant. You never know. I’ve you have an answer to a piece of this puzzle, let it be known. If you feel you can’t trust me, contact Sue Sutherland – her information is to the right of the page.

Know that there have been many confidences I have kept. Many people have given me information under the condition that they not be identified. Under these conditions I have never betrayed those confidences.


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