Friday, November 17th

“I can’t understand why Theresa’s friends waited a full week before notifying the police of her disappearance… The key to the mystery of my daughter’s disappearance lies on the campus of Champlain College.”

Robert Allore
La Tribune, November 16th, 1978

That Friday morning, a Champlain student, Sharon Buzzee is eating breakfast in the King’s Hall dining area. She has just been informed that Theresa Allore is missing. She is concerned. The week prior she was sitting at a table in the Dewhurst dining hall with Caroline Greenwood. Andre Allore walked by and Caroline asked if he had seen Theresa. Greenwood did not mention that Theresa was missing, she did explain the severity of the situation. Everyone thinks that Josie Stepenhorst was the last person to see Theresa. Stepenhorst saw her from the bus outside Dewhurst around six on that Friday night. But Buzzee saw her much later. Buzzee shares her story with a fellow student, Maureen Sullivan. She tells Sullivan that she saw Theresa after the Dewhurst sighting. She saw her not in Lennoxville, but on the staircase of the King’s Hall residence at 9:00 pm. Sullivan advises Buzzee to immediately share this information with Jeanne Eddisford. Buzzee tells her story to Jeanne Eddisford. Eddisford, in turn, passes the information up the chain to Bill Matson. Bill Matson – like any good soldier – keeps his mouth shut.

The dining hall at King’s Hall, Compton

On that same morning Mr. Allore receive a phone call in their hotel room from police chief Leo Hamel. Hamel has something very important he wishes to ask Mrs. Allore. Mrs. Allore takes the phone, and Hamel asks very firmly, does Mrs. Allore remember where Theresa was born? Later that same afternoon, Theresa’s boyfriend, Vlad Kulish, arrives from Calgary. Kulish has been away out West on a rafting trip. Hamel meets with the Allores and Kulish. He questions Kulish. Hamel comments that he has received all kinds of phone calls from the news media claiming Theresa was a lesbian. Hamel states he has a very important question to ask him: Does Kulish know if Theresa was a lesbian?


By the weekend of November 18th my parents had had enough. The disappearance of Theresa was entering its third week and the situation seemed completely out of control. The Chief of Police was out of his league; didn’t have a clue how to conduct and investigation. The school was more interested in protecting their own interests. Bill Matson seemed completely insane. And everyone was busy playing amateur psychologist. Before departing for Lennoxville, my parents had met with a police officer friend from New Brunswick. They recalled his parting words. Only now did they understood their meaning:

Town of Sherbrooke, 1 mile north of Lennoxville

You’re going into the Eastern Townships. Things are different there. Be careful. You will get no help from anyone.


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