In Compton, last friday.

I was in Sherbrooke again last week-end. Obviously, I went to Compton, friday, saturday and sunday. For all differents reasons.

I felt really strange that day, I mean I was looking at the clock every hours, then went to the Lion Pub, meet some people.
I had supper there with Pierre, diane, my friend, the journalist Jen Young, and many ohter persons.

We were there at 6:30, and at 9:30 too.
The same place where Theresa maybe went that day, 28 years ago. The worst hours was after 9:30..we were wondering about so much stuff..

Anywais, on friday, during the day, at Compton, we did a video and some pictures. I will try to figure out with John if we can put the video on the blog, I really don,t know how to do that.

Whatever, my point is:

It was november 3…there is not much that changed over there, even if it was 28 years ago.

So! the thing is that it is almost impossible that anybody saw Theresa Allore in that creek for 5 months! impossible.

We tried to understand, I went there so many times, but now there was no leafs in the trees,,it was very very clear.

You see everywhere very clearly..and there is many muskat rat trap, all around, very close to the creek,,as in 1978.

The tractors goes and come, as at that time, very close,,all around the creek.

We tried to figure out,,I don,t know,,the only thing I know, and I am not the only one who think that…It is impossible that anybody saw her on the top of the water for 5 months.

Some question?


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