I’ll try to answer these:

RE: Schoolbooks
I know Sue and others have asked about this many months ago…but I can’t remember how (if?) it was answered.

If the schoolbooks weren’t in Theresa’s room, did they find them in her locker? Did anybody find anything in her locker ? f she had some is not known. If she did they were never recovered (look where her clothes are). Josie Stepenhorst says she saw Theresa leaving the dining hall and walking towards the bus. Did she notice whether or not Theresa had her schoolbooks (or backpack?) with her?

That information is lost.

Would Theresa have taken her books back to her room to do homework during the weekend as she mentioned to Caroline Greenwood? Or would she have done her homework back on the Champlain College Campus. been in her locker or in her room. If they weren’t found in either location, where are they?

Don’t know.

RE: Pamela Mitchell
As Theresa’s roommate, how come she didn’t sound the alarm bells when Theresa hadn’t returned to the room during the weekend? Where was Pamela? Did she make any statements to the police or Robert Beullac?

A good question, but I attribute it to the lack set up of Compton. There were A LOT of strange goings on there. And I don’t think Pam had a chance to get to know Theresa to the point where she would have known her habits (Theresa could have still been in Montreal for all she knew). There is a statement from Pam, I don’t recall its contents which means it didn’t leave an impression with me.

RE: Theresa’s afternoon classes
Why couldn’t any of her teachers or other classmates recall whether or not Theresa was in class that afternoon? I can’t imagine the classes are so large that the teachers don’t know who is, and isn’t, there?

Simply put, there was no accountability at Champlain: 16 – 18 year old kids and no one gives a shit if they’re there or not

RE: Pamela Mitchell

I realize that Pamela was away the weekend Theresa went missing but I guess what I want to know is, how close were Pamela and Theresa? I find it strange that she didn’t report the fact she hadn’t seen her roommate since her return on Sunday night. Maybe she did report her concerns to school authorities, and they were ignored like so many other things at that place.

They were not close at all. They didn’t socialize.. I think they barely spoke to each other. Two very different people


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