Wednesday, November 8th, 1978…

… and still there is no sign of Theresa Allore. Greenwood and Laurie finally decide to telephone Joey Nice in Point Claire. Nice tells them that Theresa has not been to her apartment – not on the weekend or anytime after that. Nice comments that maybe Theresa decided to go out west to Calgary to visit her boyfriend, Vlad Kulish.

Later that day, Joannah Knoops asks Caroline Greenwood if she has seen Theresa. Theresa has borrowed a pair of blue corduroy pants from her, and now she wants them back.

Knoops and Greenwood stop by Theresa’s room to look for the pants. They are let in the room by Theresa’s roommate, Pamela Mitchell. Greenwood notices that the pants aren’t there. Neither are her schoolbooks. Other than these items, nothing else appears missing from the room.

On Wednesday evening – down the road in Austin – the two hunters – Steve Mandigo and Samuel Burnham – finally decide to call the local police to inform them about the clothing they found some days ago in a nearby forest. Police disregard the message. Since no one has reported Theresa missing, the police don’t realize that the clothing could be significant. They consider the call a prank.


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