This wrinkle in time can’t give it no credit

Monday morning, November 6th, 1978. Two and a half days have passed. There has been no sign of Theresa since late Friday evening. Despite her absence, neither Stewart Peacock nor Jeanne Eddisford, the directors of the residence, notice she is missing. The School has a policy for conducting nightly bed checks. This is a policy in theory; in practice, Compton is a “loose” facility. Regulations are frowned upon. The supervisors don’t bother to enforce bed checks.

By mid afternoon, Theresa’s friend, Caroline Greenwood is beginning to have doubts. She asks Theresa’s brother, Andre, if he has seen her lately. Andre replies that he has not. Greenwood does not bother to inform Andre of the depth of her concern. She does not tell him that no one has seen Theresa for nearly three days.


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