…hungry and cold and hunted

It is six o’clock on the morning of Sunday, November 5th, and hunters, Steve Mandigo and Samuel Burnham have been up for hours. The season is already two weeks old and they have yet to make their first kill. This morning they have chosen a spot at the crest of a rise overlooking a spectacular view of Lake Memphremagog. It is beautiful country. The lakeshore is peppered with dozens of cottages belonging to the affluent members of the Montreal English elite. They come to unwind each summer, to this area near the tiny village of Austin.

Late autumn. The lakeshore is now closed for the season. It is cold, but the first snow has yet to fall. Mandigo and Burnham pass silently through the thick, dense forest. They are hoping for deer. Near a fallen tree they spy something. They approach the tree. Resting neatly on a log they find clothing. Upon closer examination, they see that it’s a woman’s shirt and a pair of blue pants. The clothes look new. The men place the clothing back on the log and continue with their hunting. Around noon, the two men exit the interior of the forest. They come out onto the gravel service road where their trucks are parked. They briefly discuss the articles of clothing they found in the woods. They consider whether it would be best to notify the Police.

On Sunday evening, November 5th, Caroline Greenwood and Jo-Anne Laurie take a train back to the Eastern Townships. They have been away for the weekend visiting parents outside of Montreal. The two students arrive at the Compton residence around ten in the evening. They drop by the room of their friend, Theresa Allore, and knock on her door. There is no answer. Greenwood thinks that maybe Theresa decided to travel to Montreal for the weekend after she completed her homework. Before starting the fall semester, Theresa had lived in an apartment with friends in Point Claire, a suburb of Montreal. Perhaps she returned there – as she had done the previous weekend – and spent time with her Montreal friends.


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