Make tonight a wonderful thing

This is a story about my brother. I’ll try not to mess it up.

My brother is a guitarist and when we were teenagers he played in a lot of bands. He used to have this little white Adidas bag, inside he carried around all his peddles and lead cords. Over the years equipment changed but the Adidas bag stayed with him.

Second thing. On the bookshelf in his room he always kept this empty tequila bottle. That thing stuck around for twenty years. I never understood what it was there for.

A couple of years ago he told me this story. November 1st, 1978 and Andre was celebrating his birthday at the Lion pub in Lennoxville. Around six in the evening Theresa walks in with this Adidas bag and gives it to him. Inside are a salt shaker, some limes and a bottle of tequila. That night for his birthday present she taught him how to do shots. Two days later she would be dead.


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