The current caretaker at King’s Hall, Compton emailed me these beautiful photos

This is King’s Hall proper. This was the main residence at Compton and where the students ate their meals.

This is the annex building to the right of King’s Hall, also known as Gilliard. Theresa lived on the second floor in the wing to the left.

It would have looked just like this 28 years ago. On this morning (Halloween) Theresa would have been up early (her classes began at 8:30 am in Lennoxville – a 10 mile bus ride away).

She had a break for the remainder of the morning well into the afternoon. At 2:30 she had a math class followed by a humanities class at 4:30. By the time she was finished it would have been dark.

I have no idea what she did that Halloween. I do know that Champlain college has traditionally hosted a big Halloween party that always tends to get out of hand.


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