Assorted Luncheon Meats

The Cold Case Petition: It’s been four-and-a-half months and we’ve heard nothing. So I finally called Jean Quenneville who works in Charest office – I was told he is handling the matter. He did call back yesterday, but we’re playing phone tag I will try him again Monday and won’t let up until I actually speak to him.

But there’s also the question of Jacques Dupuis and the Ministry of Public Security. I’m not really sure who is taking charge here but I’ll find out: 4 1/2 months is too long to wait.

It’s a tricky thing. You can call these folks up if your frothing-at-the-mouth: a place I’ve been at all too frequently in the last 5 years, but I believe I’ve finally achieved some balance where I can talk to these people without acrimony.

– The Poitras Report: Ya, that’s been a real treat. It takes two months to secure an interlibrary loan? The school library tells me – surprise, surprise – that the wait is on the Quebec side, but I could have walked to Canada and got it myself in the time it has taken.

If I hadn’t mentioned it I’m considering a PhD on The Ineffectiveness of Public Inquiries featuring… Poitras. One problem is I’m running out of funds to study (I can’t exactly rob the kids college fund), but I’m thinking of asking the OVC for some cash – if anyone has some bright ideas I’m all ears.

– There’s an election here in 10 days: Don’t vote Carl Fox. Many people in North Carolina have a high opinion of him, but he was a major player in the botched investigation of Andrew Dalzell and for that I can’t forgive him. Vote for one of the other candidates; they are all qualified: Adam Stein, Charles Anderson, Allen Baddour.

– In other news I came in 6th in a 5K road race for city employees in Durham yesterday (about 100 entrants). My time was 24:37; about an 8 minute mile. I’m told I can bring that down to 7 minute miles before the Gallop and Gorge on Thanksgiving but I’m skeptical.


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