Kariya Park

is a small oasis in middle of Toronto suburban sprawl. Built in 1992 as a joint project between Mississauga and its sister city in Kariya, Japan the park has all the essential elements of a traditional Japanese garden – large lanterns, a delicate wooden bridge, a zen rock garden.

The park is two blocks from my hotel room and a much needed respite from the trappings of modernity – stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately its October so the Cherry and sweetgum trees are no longer in bloom.

This bridge is great. It was raining today (cold rain). Very nice to walk on it – a little slippery.

I know a few morsels about Japanese gardens. The rakings of the pebbles in the rock garden are for meditation, it’s supposed to clear your mind.

The gardens are designed with great purpose; while some things reveal themselves quite obviously, other aspects are not so simple and may take years to become evident. The idea being that not everything in the garden is knowable.


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