Do The… (insert quantitative term here)

Have you noticed this trend? People no longer say “do the math”, it’s now advanced to “do the calculus“, as if somehow putting two-and-two together had become a mind challenge.

Which begs the question, when did we do away with “two-and-two” or “figure it out”? Are we now saying problems are too challenging to solve?

There’s been a local controversy here in North Carolina. The City of Raleigh has been investigating its police force and time spend working as off-duty officers. Seems some officers were double-dipping; working security for private companies while still being paid on the City’s dole (Even worse last week a number of Durham County Sheriffs were arrested for drug trafficking, prostitution, and running counterfeit operations, but that’s another story.)

Yesterday the City of Raleigh released an audit of the the police overtime problem. The audit reveals that 6 officers broke the law and 104 broke City policies concerning overtime. Raleigh employs 750 officers. 500 of them supplement income by working second jobs.

67% of Raleigh police have second jobs. 21% of those violated policies and procedures and face disciplinary action. Overall 14% of all officers performed their duties in an inappropriate if not unethical fashion.

I don’t need any calculus to figure this one out.


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