Blood and Circuses

Last October I wrote about the latest craze in toys and hobbies: junior forensic science kits. Yes the junior lab model volcano was no match for the Forensic Facial Reconstruction Kit (the look of it still gives me the willies).

You remember I joked about “body-farm” vacation packages? Well the jokes on me ’cause they’re now a reality!

Check out Edinburgh and their annual Science Weekend complete with a “CSI masterclass” for school pupils.

Oh look,“Police officers will be on hand to tape off the area around a life-sized “victim” which has been specially created for the occasion.”


“And an expert in maggots from Falkirk College will demonstrate how the presence of the insects can provide an accurate time of death.”

Whatever happened to murder mysteries? Professor Plum did it in on the vivisection table with a scalpel and a quart of luminal.

But the fun doesn’t end there…

Here’s the Forensic Curriculum Stations Kit available from Amazon. It comes with a “keep out” banner and 50 evidence bags.

Look at the fun Sally and Katie are having sealing off the backyard.

Even the Smithsonian Institute’s got into the act with their own branding on an old favorite:

I recently had a conversation with a retiree who was looking for things to do with her spare time. She said she enjoyed volunteering but the most fun she’d had in years was attending a week-long vacation getaway at the Tennessee body farm. It’s true, any idiot can go and take these courses, and I see a new catalogue is coming soon for 2007.

This woman told me – and I’m not embellishing – her dream was to be a specimen; a crime scene stand-in for anthropologists to study.

Granny just wait long enough, you’ll get your chance.


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