Bullshit Art.

Okay,,,I went to school this morning, and then after I went to do something that a lot of people suggested I should do, and me also I thought about it.

I went to see a medium detective (kind of !!!)

She told me the following things:

* I will solve the case on Friday,9 february 2007, by a frozen day.

*Theresa was killed by a stick (baton) on the head, and the choc was fatal. (she is sure at 100%)

*Her body was never found-
* Then after, was found in the woods, in lanaudière..

* Her killer will attack another time exaclty between 17 and 19 november.

*On october, 28 , some girls will go at the police station to give some testimony.

*Recidive in the end of october.

*He will be catched between 8 and 15 january 2006.

I think I said enought…and she told me some things about my personnal life, , and I swear if it happens, I will put a Santa Claus costume and I will go dance the twist on the top of my house.

How can people can play on some important thing like that. Maybe they think they know, but in fact, they know nothing.
I totally believe in that,,,but badly, too much people that we can’t trust.

So, after a meeting like that, you go, and you take the last 10 $ on your pocket, and you go for a good Double gin tonic.

So, that was my day for friday, 13.

For tonight, it is another story..


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