How Old Are You Now?

It’s Theresa’s Birthday. She would be 47. I’m trying to tell you something nice about her.

Ok, she loved David Bowie (she had a green vinyl addition of him narrating Peter and the Wolf: That’s dedication!). I still have her David Bowie t-shirts (in pristine condition; I’m saving them for… what?).

Anyway, favorite albums were:

1. David Live
2. Heroes
3. Diamond Dogs
4. Station to Station
5. Low
6. Ziggy Stardust

So I came across this funny little article which I consider apropo to include given the occasion.

Love on ya,

David Bowie thrilled to work with SpongeBob

POSTED: 3:24 p.m. EDT, October 11, 2006
NEW YORK (AP) — Daddy’s little girl turned David Bowie from a rock star into the voice of a cartoon.

Bowie will be a guest on Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants,” playing a character called Lord Royal Highness in a show that will air next year.

Bowie, 59, said his 6-year-old daughter, Alexandria Zahra, is a huge SpongeBob fan and they watch the show together. He wrote in his blog that he has “hit the Holy Grail of animation gigs.

“We, the family, are thrilled. Nothing else need happen this year, well, this week anyway,” Bowie said.

Bowie, who received a lifetime achievement honor at the Grammys this year and whose songs include “Fame,” “Young Americans” and “Space Oddity,” was previously the voice of Boz in David Cage’s 1999 “Omikron: The Nomad Soul.”

He plays inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie “The Prestige,” in theaters October 20.


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