The things that we found they are not conclusive. Whatever the search party remains a turning point in theresa case. It was something that needed to be done, we did did it, and it was great, now we go at the next step.

We didn t cover all the woods, bt we did a lot.
So, in some way, I can t tell that we didn t have good result at the search party, it is the opposite, NO we did not find the clothes, and what we found can t help us for now. But still, the search party made a big step in Theresa Allore s case.

Because of that, the case is more known, wich is so important, some new information came from it. And it may be sounds useless, bugt if you only know how many cold cases that people don t know about.

I have a rage inside me,,,in my life I had everything I wanted, and believe me, sometimes it was hard, but I din t give up until I have what I want, and I want to see this case solved.

Sue Sutherland


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