What to think of the Ramsey case

I try to keep some distance with these more sensational stories, but with the arrest yesterday of John Mark Karr for the suspected murder of JonBenet Ramsey I’m really sort of shocked.

I wrote my brother and said, “ya it’s kind of like if someone came forward and said, “don’t blame O.J., I killed Nicole and Ron“”, to which my brother replied, “ya, but I never thought the Ramsey’s did it.”

Problem is, I did.

I never really followed the case. My brother did, he had all those John Douglas books on it – never a big fan of Douglas’ books myself. But I bought into the perception fed by the media that the Ramsey’s had something to hide. It is amazing the things we accept for truth based on what others have told us. I wonder how that investigation worked? The case had been quiet for some time. The police probably backed way off, distanced themselves from the circus and focused on fundamentals.

Did anyone believe Gary Condit murdered Chandra Levy? I never did.


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