On june 17, a search party was organized in the case of Theresa Allore, an event made possible by the amount of organization of many individuals that assisted me that I wish to thank here.

First of all, John Allore for for his unwavering confidence in me as well as Andre and the entire Allore family.

I want to thank each and every volunteer that gave up their saturday, took their time, brought their own lunch and spent the money for gas to assist us ib this search for justice.

Andree Noel, owner of the property, for having given us the permission to conduct our search, thank you very much.

Claude and Diane Fregeau, President of Quebec Secours, your organization is the absolute best that could be procured in this line of work.

Carole Tetrault. corporal, Quebec Secours, for your words of encouragement, support and interest as well as your professionalism.

Carole Pard of Quebec Secours, for your professionalism and commitment, thank you.

Nathalie Blanchet, Lieutenant Quebec Secours, for your massive coordination efforts and focus, thank you.

Sandy Pike, Captain, Quebec Secours, for your exceptional professionalism as well as your availability in this project.

Thank you to the ENTIRE team of Quebec Secours.

Francois Chillas, President, Radio Amateur Estrie, ve2cf1, individuals of your kindness are indeed rare. THANK YOU very much Francois.

Thank you to the entire Radio Amateur team.

Pierre Hugues Boisvenus, for your support and commitment, as infinite thank you.

Anonymous “blue”: for being there and for everything you did, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Estelle Gagne and Cynthia Lecuyer, for your precious time and support, I cannot thank you enough.

Terry Roth, Thank you for everything you did.

Jennifer Young, from Records newspaper, thank you for your pen and your kindness.

Julie, Frederic Cloutier, and Kathy Gibson, thank you very much for the help for the flyers.

La Legende Restaurant, 20 rue Principale a Magog, for your kind hospitality on such short notice for hospitality on such short notice for hosting the press conference of june 16.

The Prior Family, as infinite thank you for your support.

Anonymous “yellow”, thank you so much for your participation.

Anonymous “red” thak your for your help and your tredenmous courage.

Anonymous “pink” thank you so much for being there, your cooperation and your courage.

Anonymous “Black”. thank you for being there and your help.

Inspecteur Roy and Capitaine Boily from Regie de police de Memphremagog, who took the time to listen to my request.

Florent Henri, thank you for taking the time to be there.

Thank you to the media who took the time to be there.

Mike Armstrong of Global
Stephane Giroux of CTV
Allison HANES of the national post
Vanessa Lee of Global
Catherine Marcil of TVA
Brigitte Marcoux of Radio Canada.

Thanks for everybody who helped from near and from far.

Sue Sutherland


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