To-Do List

Alright, I’ll take M.M. up on her offer. Because she’s right: my request for “da search” was a goof and I was completely blind-sided how it turned out (had I known the publicity it would have created I would have requested it four years ago).

Here are some things I’d like to see get done. No one is obligated to do any of this, but if it motivates you – go for it:

1. “Freedom of Information” requests are always welcome, on a list of well know players (Allore, Champlain College, suspects, etc…)

2. I would love a copy of the Poitras report. I’ve asked the government, Gazette reporters, some reps in Ottawa: no soap. Anyone who can get their hands on this just-under-2000-pages baby gets a gold star in my book.

3. Letters to Quebec reps (Charest, Ministers of Justice and Publice Security) inquiring about the status of the Allore investigation, or status of establishing a cold-case bureau would be nice.

4. Would you like to help on a second search? Contact sue at

5. My brother wants to go back to the site of the first search, but he’s too spooked to go alone – any takers? (No, it’s not “Win a date with Andre”)

6. There’s a utility shed in Sherbrooke, north of where Louise Camirand disappeared: break into it, collect DNA, solve the case (this one is it’s own reward).

7. Almanach du Crime au Quebec: I have the 1979 and 1980 editions: Where there other editions published? Who knows. This would be a prized Christmas present (hey, how happy were my xmas’ after 1978?)… They were originally edited by “Lenoil Inc” with photos by Photo Police… oh yeah!

8. Start a campaign! Force Maclains to make campus security a criteria in their annual university rankings.

That’s all for now.


I’ll tell you what it all means when it’s over (thank you to the 50 of you who have already participated).


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