NI brings up some interesting points from the last comment section and I will attempt to answer his questions here

We are basically talking about where was Theresa’s point of abduction. There are two schools of thought here:

1. She was picked up near the school residence in Compton. This theory is strengthened by the statement given by Sharon Buzzee who claims she spoke with Theresa on the steps of King’s Hall on the evening of November 3, 1978 at approximately 9:00 – 9:30 pm. Also, unlike most witnesses whose statements were recorded 6 months later, Buzzee’s statement was given 2 -3 weeks after Theresa disappeared. Another student, Tamara Westall, says she also saw Theresa that night (in the back, in the ktichen), but Westall’s statement wasn’t taken until April 1979.

2. The fact that only one person saw Theresa, that the sighting was not cooberated (if you discount the Westall statement) leads others to believe that Theresa was never there that Friday. This theory contends that she was picked up in Lennoxville (across from the Lion Pub) and never seen alive again. This is the theory the police (current police) adhere to. It is a typical police method; you stick with the least-effort theory and go from there (there is a lot of effort needed to hold up the Buzzee theory).

What do I believe? I don’t know, I try to keep an open mind and entertain both options. So, to NI’s questions:

Last April, I have visited only the parking there and seen mostly the fronts of the two buildings with its short space in between. I would appreciate some more help or your critical opinion. From a reflection about some events on November 3rd of 1978, you may know that I consider probable that the abduction may have taken place on the ground of King’s Hall. If it was the case, does it link somehow to local individuals who could be related to an infamous gang? (Perhaps, a delinquent child of a local worker got or duplicated a key.)

The gang tie is possible: the Pouliot family lived down the road from Compton and a couple years later four of the brothers would be arrested for the shutgun murders of four men.

Does the King’s Hall building has a basement? What was its content? Who could access it apart from the regular personal?

King’s did not have a usable basement (the sub flooring was used for storage). However, King’s and Gilliard ware linked by a tunnel (I assume so students didn’t have to step into the cold in winter when they took their meals in the King’s dining hall).

Gilliard does have a basement. It was used for storage, but also it had a laundry room for students and some activity rooms (ping-pong, etc..). FYI: that basement is waaayyy creepy. Access? Anyone having business with the school: students, admin, night watchmen… contractors? Yes, I would assume so.

Remember: the Compton residence was supposed to be this open concept in communal living where students did everything for themselves. They supervised themselves (RAs), they even cooked their own meals (I recently found my brothers “Certificate of Merit” from 1977 saying he had “survived the task of cooking in the King’s Hall kitchen”). People would be able to come and go as they pleased and there wouldnot be much that students could do about it.

Is there a rear door? Does a local sub-contractor or employee was in charge of the regular outside maintenance? Did he used their equipment? Same for the inside maintenance.

There are many rear doors. King’s Hall is full of secret nooks and crannies. Gilliard had approx. four rear doors (there are four wings to the thing, each wing has an exit door).

Does a local person has prepared the evening lunch? How easy was the ground perimeter access for intruders? Where the security guard was posted?

Your guess. I would think security would walk the peramiter, but who knows?

Theresa was last seen at the cafeteria by Tamara Wastall at 9:30 PM approximatively. Her next move could have been a walk toward her room in Gilliard House.

Or she could have taken the tunnel, or she may have walked to the village for smokes.

If Theresa was abducted near or in between the two buildings, could such an event has taken place unnoticed, far from the window views, if the abductor(s) carries (carry) his (their) victim outside behind King’s Hall or inside its basement from a rear door?

I have a real problem with her being forced into a car unnoticed by anyone. It was Friday. It had been unseasonally warm all day. People would have been active. For me, this scenerio is the stuff of movies, not reality (again, the least-effort prinicpal: attempting something like that is EXTREMELY high risk behavior, and somewhat atypical of most sexual offenders.)


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